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Why Milo being banned from speaking at his old school should be a worry for us all

November 22, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from talking at his old school. The ‘ban’ came about after the Department of Education said the talk had to be cancelled due to “anti-extremism” measures, and after the department had had a complaint.

Whilst Milo may have views not everyone agrees with, such as being pro-Donald Trump and against feminism, this doesn’t mean the government should have the say in whether it’s right to ban them.

Are we breeding a whole generation of Stalins?

Milo doesn’t preach violence against women, like Roosh V. He states what his opinion is, and allows others to agree or disagree with him. That’s what a fair and free society should be promoting: the allowance of people to speak their opinion, and allow others to agree or disagree with them. We should be educating our society’s children about different viewpoints in order to provide them with an unbiased and open-minded viewpoint.

The fascism of banning Milo from talking is being dressed up as being “beneficial to society”, but I don’t fancy living in a society where our children aren’t allowed to receive a balanced view of the world.

The anti-extremism law should be there to prevent female genital mutilation, prevent religiously radical views being preached in schools and churches to vulnerable people. The anti-extremism law isn’t there to prevent people with alternative political views from talking at a school.

This fascism is further echoed in how Twitter and Facebook are looking at banning “fake news” sites. This is yet another way of social media preventing free speech and merely banning “right-wing” news sites, and sites which want you to know the truth about what’s really going on. It’s the mass censorship of alternative news sites.

A cohort of orange skinned, brash, ‘pussy grabbing’ students? Brilliant.

The ban of Milo talking at his former school follows on from London City University students wanting to ban the sale of the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, and The Sun on campus. Are they mad? The students who preach freedom and equality suddenly want newspapers to be banned simply on the basis that they disagree with them. Are we breeding a whole generation of Stalins?

This kind of behaviour sets a dangerous precedent. It’s the silencing of people simply because you don’t agree with them.

Besides, one has to consider the implications that would stem from such a visit. A cohort of orange skinned, brash, ‘pussy grabbing’ students? Brilliant.

Photo Credit: Milo Yiannopoulos Instagram

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