When did fashion get so goofy?

July 15, 2015

Newsflash. Fashion is now able to laugh at itself. And it’s fantastic.

Jeremy Scott backstage at the Moschino fashion show

Jeremy Scott backstage at the Moschino fashion show

Jeremy Scott, the eccentric fashion designer and man better known for his love of CAPITAL LETTERS, and outlandish trainer designs, is currently having a documentary made about him called “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer. This is the same Jeremy Scott who was once told by critics that his clothes were ‘too outlandish for people to wear’ and the same guy who became the creative director of quirky fashion brand Moschino in 2013. His designs are somewhat ‘out there’ to put it one way, with bags in the shape of McDonald’s Happy Meals, but it goes to show how fashion has moved on from the days of a stiff-upper lip and lettuce leaves for dinner, and is now all about laughing at yourself and creating an identity. Hoorah!

Even pouty Victoria Beckham is at it, and was recently captured frolicking around a country house wearing an apron which said ‘Too posh to wash’. Finally, people within the fashion world are able to look at themselves and laugh at how
ridiculous they’ve been for the past twenty years.

"Too posh to wash"

“Too posh to wash”

Alexa Chung has a laid-back attitude to the fashion world

Alexa Chung has a laid-back attitude to the fashion world

You have models such as Cara Delevigne, the biggest goofball in fashion, who frequently can be seen pulling ridiculous faces and wearing out-in-left-field clothing, and people love it. We love that she can be on Graham Norton and stick her tongue out at the camera and make her eyes go all goggly. It’s funny, and makes a wonderful change from the pouty, “can’t smile incase it causes wrinkles” attitude.

Alexa Chung, with her golden sense of humour and a light hearted attitude towards fashion has been around for a while. She has always said that London is the most down to earth fashion week because there’s a bit of humour involved and it’s more realistic to life.

So, get out there and be as eccentric as you can!!


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