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Top Ways To Make Money (Without actually going to work…)

July 3, 2015

There are so many ways to make quick, easy cash after work and declutter the house as well.

1. Sell your stuff on Ebay

There are so many people who sell their unwanted clothes and furniture on Ebay, and there are also a lot of people who buy their things on there too, making it a really easy way to make money. You’ll need to set up a Paypal account first and download the app onto your phone or tablet, then start selling.

Put your items on for auction at 99p, and you’ll be amazed how quickly your items go up in price and sell. Just make sure you always send clean items and package them nicely to ensure good feedback.

2. Carboot unwanted items

Carboots can be great places to make money

Carboots can be great places to make money

An old phone charger, an old candle, a pair of pyjamas old Auntie Liz bought you for Christmas. We all have unwanted junk in our houses and a fab way to declutter and make money is to carboot it. You’ll have to pay an upfront charge of £10-15 for the slot, and you’ll also need a good, large table (use a fold up buffet table rather than a wallpaper table), but after that, any money you make is yours. Look at Carboot Junction to find one near you. 

3. Sell your unwanted books, CDs and DVDs

These days, most music, films and books are all online and easy to download from Amazon, Itunes and Netflix, meaning that hundreds of homes have unwanted items that are just gathering dust. There are a lot of websites out there who are willing to buy your books and discs for decent money and all you have to do is enter the ISBN code. You’ll need to package the items in a small box (Sainsbury’s and Tesco have wine boxes in the booze aisle which are brilliant) and with masking tape before sending them from a Collect+ station. The best websites are We Buy Books and Ziffit.  

4. Monitor what food you’re buying

It may sound simple, but it’s remarkable how much food is wasted everyday in the UK. Make a meal plan at the beginning of the week, decide what you need to buy and stick to it. Buy more frozen foods which keep for longer, and make a note of when certain foods go out of date. You could also make all your meals at the beginning of the week and then freeze them for the week ahead. Look at MAZWO for more recipe ideas. 

5. Save on lunch and coffees

So many people are in bad habits when it comes to the food and drinks they buy. A lot of people have a cafe bought coffee everyday and by making your own instead, you could save over £700 a year – the price of a holiday! Instead of buying lunchtime meal ‘deals’, make your own lunch. Spending £3 a day on lunch seems daft when instead you could take your own sandwiches. Make them the night before and take with you the next day to save time in the morning, and you’ll probably be eating much healthier too.

You could save fortunes by making coffee at home

You could save fortunes by making coffee at home

These two tricks could save you over £1,000 every year, and that’s just the beginning. 

6. Shop around

Even though you might not think you have time, it’s so important to shop around for deals on comparison websites such as My Supermarket for food, and Compare the Market for insurance. It can save hundreds of pounds in just a couple of minutes. There’s also Skyscanner for comparing flights and On The Beach for holidays. 

It’s also worth phoning up different companies and finding the best deals. With phone contracts, internet contracts, gas, electric and water bills, phone the company and ask what the best deal is for what you’re actaully using. There’s no point paying more money for 2GB of data when you’re only using 1GB. 

Also, when shopping online, google for voucher codes and you could save up to 50% off!

7. Look at where you buy petrol from

Instead of stopping at a motorway service station for petrol (where prices are inflated), fill up at cheaper, out of town petrol stations at the weekend. It could save you a fortune.

8. Are you creative?

If you have a talent, be it being able to make a website, baking, cooking, looking after children or being artistic, you can easily make a few extra pounds here and there. Advertise your tech or babysitting expertise in local papers (you may need a CRB check for working with children). You could make savoury or sweet foods to sell at local food markets (you’ll also need public liability insurance and an environmental health check). If you have an artistic streak, you can buy craft items off the internet and make different items such as jewellery, decorated mirrors, greetings cards etc and sell them at sunday markets. 


9. Time to do a survey?

A lot of companies and organisations will pay you up to £5 to do a survey. Have a look at the Top Ten Paid Surveys website. 

10. Are you paying the right amount of tax?

If you live on your own, you could be paying too much council tax. Have a look at the tax rebate calculator to find out more. 


If you need any other ideas, look at Student Websites and Martin Lewis’ website.

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