The Refugee Crisis: Should we be helping the refugees?

September 10, 2015

Should we be helping the refugees?

Could you imagine being the woman in this picture?

Could you imagine being the woman in this picture?

It’s a question that’s been on many people’s lips over the past few weeks, but as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t up for debate. I think we absolutely should be helping these refugees, and anyone who thinks not has been reading far too many Daily Mail articles.

The one thing that really gets a bee in my bonnet are the stupid, ill-informed and bigoted posts which people share on Facebook and other such social media sites, and I’d like to use this article to answer those people back.

To those people who say “Britain is full”. That old chestnut. Britain isn’t full, and to suggest it is would be ridiculous. The reason that some people find themselves without social housing is simply because the government hasn’t built enough cheap housing for citizens to buy. If you are of the narrow minded school of thought that thinks ‘Britain is full’ can I suggest you don’t have any children, or you quite simply leave Britain and live somewhere else. We don’t want you. Immigration has very little impact on the population figures, but the number of children who are born does.

To those people who say we should be helping our homeless and jobless people first before helping the refugees. The two things are in no way related. There are funds in place to help those who find themselves homeless and without jobs, just as there are funds already in place to help the refugees. It’s also worth mentioning that there are jobs out there and there are also charities to help those who are homeless. The biggest problem we have in this country is that some people find themselves better off unemployed.

To those people who think that all these refugees are in fact soldiers in disguise sent by ISIS. Are you No human being is illegalmad? ISIS, despite what the BBC may have you believe (their reporting of the ISIS situation is diabolical and unhelpful at best) have neither the funding, nor the organisation nor the influence to get thousands of people to go out and fight for them in Europe. Here’s another thing that may be a surprise to you: not every Muslim is an Islamic State sympathising terrorist.

To those people who find it helpful to compare the situation in Syria to the Second World War. What on earth are you talking about? People in Syria have no other choice other than to leave their home country. They don’t want to leave, just like many of you wouldn’t want to leave your hometown where you were born and brought up, but they’re in a situation where there’s a civil war tearing apart their home. The World War was different in many ways and the two are in no way comparable. Most notably, during the World War the people in Britain had nowhere else to go as the world was in turmoil.

ISIS, despite what the BBC may have you believe have neither the funding, nor the organisation nor the influence to get thousands of people to go out and fight for them.

To those people who post pictures of the Union Jack followed by a comment saying you’re “Proud to be British” as though that’s some kind of a justification for being a racist maniac. If you were proud to be British, you’d be proud to be helping the refugees. I certainly wouldn’t be proud of a country where people are racist scumbags who turn their back on people in crisis. Look back over our history and you will realise that Britain has always welcomed people with open arms and that’s what makes our country fantastic and diverse. You also have to look back over the history of Syria and look at all of the victims of war they have helped over the years.

Instead of calling Syrians and the people stuck at Calais refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, let’s call them people because that’s what they are. They are people, just like you and I, who are leaving behind a country the love in order to make a better life for their families. Over the years, the media and politicians have all been guilty of scapegoating immigrants for the country’s problems and it just isn’t right. The UK is the 6th richest country in the world and we have a duty, as human beings, to help the refugees. I cannot believe how many hateful and damaged people there are in Britain. I’d much rather live next door to a refugee than next to a xenophobic, fascist neo-Nazi any day of the week.

Just because you were born in a country, it absolutely does not give you the right to decide who else comes into it.


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