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Should we let Roosh V into our country?

February 2, 2016
Should we let Roosh V into our country?

Should we let Roosh V into our country?

As many of you may have heard this week, Roosh V, the anti-feminist and ‘pro-rape’ activist, is coming to the UK to preach to his followers. The question is, should the UK even be letting him in?

To say this man is controversial is a bit of an understatement. You only have to look at his website, www.returnofkings.com, to figure out why. Misogynistic, racist and homophobic, his website is one which preaches hate in it’s purest form. It’s hard to imagine that people can still hold such ignorant and old-fashioned views, especially considering we already had that war, and oh, we won (See World War II).

Roosh, recently featured on Reggie Yates’ program “Extreme UK: Men At War” (God knows why the BBC felt it was OK to give this mentalist a voice), doesn’t allow women or homosexuals to post on his forums and website, and truly believes that rape of a woman, if carried out on private property, should be legal. If you’re blood isn’t already boiling, consider the fact he also believes the majority of women’s values come from their fertility and beauty.

Don't Let Roosh V Into Britain

Don’t Let Roosh V Into Britain

Don’t worry, you haven’t gone back in time to the 18th Century; you are still in 2016, and yes it is shocking that someone can still have such backward views.

But the real question is, should he be allowed to enter the UK? He’s scheduled shows in major UK cities, such as Manchester, London and Birmingham, as well as organising ‘secret meet ups’ in other cities. This is a man who has threatened that if a woman shows up to one of his talks, he will film her face and place her details on his anti-women forums (there have been cases in the past where people who stand up to him have been stalked and abused online by his ‘followers’).

Surely this against the message which Britain is trying to shout loud and clear: “We are against extremism”. If Roosh V was a muslim cleric inciting hate he wouldn’t even be allowed off the plane, yet Roosh V can waltz into the country and preach his hate-inciting message. It’s completely against what Cameron would call “our British values”. He’s a threat to security, a white supremist, and incites violence against women.

If I were you, I’d sign your name right here.

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