Should men really do half the housework?

June 19, 2015

It was reported this week that some members of the European parliament have said that men should be doing half the housework. I’m not really sure what I think when things like this erupt as it can often create conflict and set equality back another fifty years. Whilst the media may jump on the ‘bloody feminists’ bandwagon, in my opinion, the whole housework battle isn’t a feminist issue, it’s a relationship one. As far as I’m concerned, if you love and respect your partner, you should be committed to helping and supporting each other to build a happy, balanced home together, not having to nag each other to help.

If, for example, the woman works a forty hour week and the man works a twenty hour week, it would make much more sense for the person who has the most time at home to do the most housework, no? It doesn’t seem fair to make only one person bare the burden of the house and family, whilst the other one sits back and puts their feet up just because of their sex. And if both parties work the same hours, then as a couple you need to start sharing the jobs around, ie one does the garden, the other cooks dinner. It isn’t rocket science.

To me, this isn’t a sex issue; it’s your relationship that’s the problem!


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