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David Bowie: The Review ****

January 10, 2016
David Bowie: The Review ****

David Bowie: The Review ****

Yes, The Bowie is back. Bowie is Rock Star Royalty, and considering he’s approaching 70, he is absolutely smashing it. He is unashamedly cool, and his looks are as striking as they were back in the early days.

One of his recent singles, ‘Lazarus‘, is mesmerising. Though the music video is disturbingly eery, it’s well worth a watch – edgy, different and interesting; classic Bowie. The music itself draws you into a trance and is the kind of thing you can listen to after a long day back at work after the christmas break. It has the ability to block out everything else, a skill only musicians of that calibre have the ability to do.

It has the ability to block out everything else

Bowie's Back

Bowie’s Back

Oddly enough, however, it’s his more popular single, and name of his Album, ‘Blackstar‘, which I feel a little disappointed with. It isn’t something I’d actively choose to listen to, and I much prefer ‘Lazarus’ as a song. However, on the second listen, the last half of the song stands out as being easier on the ear. On the other hand, the electronic-jazz song has managed to capture a new audience, whilst also appeasing his hardcore fans.


But what’s so fantastic about David Bowie is that he creates original, different songs, something the music industry has been lacking for decades. Even though his recent singles don’t rival “Heroes” or “Let’s Dance”, he is still worth listening to, and is one of the very few older artists who haven’t changed their style to suit younger audiences.


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